hi, i'm Liz.

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As someone who has always loved to play matchmaker, I’m thrilled to be able to connect the best creative talent in Portland with the design-minded companies who love them, on a daily basis! I specialize in the placement of graphic designers, front-end developers, UX Designers, copywriters, and project managers.

When I’m not playing matchmaker, I can be found cheering on my favorite sports team, chasing my adorable nieces and nephews around, or exploring the world with my husband.

Rosey Awards with my awesome Vitamin T team!

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  • RT @darrenrovell: Wow: Trail Blazers court features names of season ticket holders http://t.co/pxkAEh0QZt (via @JaredRoseCity)
  • The first step to your next job is your #portfolio. Do it right! http://t.co/7wEXkDzZbv via @vitamintalent #career
  • @baudoin It's one of those phrases that drives me crazy every time I see it!
  • @baudoin Is it really that hard to say 'thanks' later? I mean you COULD say 'thanks' every time...
  • Can someone explain to me what "thanks in advance" really means?
  • @writingthesurf Exciting!!!
  • RT @jeffweiner: Here Are the World's 100 Most InDemand Employers via @LinkedIn http://t.co/IMmZFIaeQO
  • @James_Stiehl @RobAlan I was simply looking out for your best interest in knowing that waffle taco sauce stains easily
  • New favorite person! @jeffweiner
  • The lines at #intalent are longer than the lines at Disneyland. #insane
  • RT @StacyZapar: Heading to my fave city to hang w/some of my fave people & talk about the coolest thing I've ever done in my career. Happy …
  • @James_Stiehl so you're saying the stars at night are (only) big and bright deep in the heart of Texas????
  • @James_Stiehl Do they get together in the basement of the Alamo?
  • @James_Stiehl No KC is hosting. The AL won the All-Star Game, which you probably didn't know due to the lack of Astros playing.
  • Heading to SF next week and planned on seeing my @Athletics in the #WorldSeries but I'll settle for the Giants.
  • RT @actualrecruiter: job title: "Thought Leader"
  • Interesting! @starbucks launches new mobile pre-order system in Portland http://t.co/ylo6uOhDyt
  • @KellyDrodofsky she was the student body president when I was in college
  • #Browns
  • RT @wemakepdx: Thank you @vitamintalent for being such a great sponsor!! #putabirdinit #dwpdx #wemakecelebrates @… http://t.co/HYOmOGpznq

My Openings

  • Liz is one of our awesome agents for Portland, OR who can't wait to help you.

  • (503) 797-6608