hi, i'm Liz.

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As someone who has always loved to play matchmaker, I’m thrilled to be able to connect the best creative talent in Portland with the design-minded companies who love them, on a daily basis! I specialize in the placement of graphic designers, front-end developers, UX Designers, copywriters, and project managers.

When I’m not playing matchmaker, I can be found cheering on my favorite sports team, chasing my adorable nieces and nephews around, or exploring the world with my husband.

My favorite place in Napa, V. Sattui

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  • Single tear
  • You can't make this up! #badboysbadboys RT @PortlandPolice Portland Police Officers Arrest Donut Thief - http://t.co/cOf3bjfFuE
  • RT @Athletics: Good inning!! #OAKtober
  • @James_Stiehl I'm eating for two now so careful what you wish for.
  • Big, big game for my @Athletics tonight. Need a win now more than ever #OAKtober
  • My weekend has been taken over by car shopping. Silver lining we got a car with wifi #firstworldproblems
  • Yay for the Portland @vitamintalent team for breaking records and being the #1 team in the world! http://t.co/OS8hmQtksz
  • Not a Yankees fan but Derek Jeter is all class. #RE2PECT
  • RT @matthewkish: Adidas gets Wall Street's attention after it poaches three Nike designers http://t.co/yGvLbjcg1u via @PDXBizJournal
  • RT @mgoldst: How to design badly: 1. Treat the client like an enemy. 2. Save your creativity for "personal" work. 3. Think you're smarter …
  • @Dannyprose Nice! @jeannebrownvt will be there too, come to our #DWPDX open house afterwards @DelightConf http://t.co/h9b3yiHgV9
  • According to #twitter analytics dashboard, I appeal to the #male, #design crowd, in #Portland. I also have #666 followers.
  • Great read: Will Portland Always Be a Retirement Community for the Young? http://t.co/KYDIWUypI2
  • Getting excited for #DWPDX Be sure to stop by the @vitamintalent @Aquent house on Monday 10.6 https://t.co/rAt8D8tuHg
  • RT @KarlTheFog: It's Friday at 5pm. You have my permission to leave work and do things you might regret tomorrow.
  • You look different since I saw you last. Hair cut? @PENTAGRAMRING @U2
  • The #popashot has arrive at the @vitamintalent Portland office! LIFE MADE! I'm 2-1and the 1 loss came after a ball jumped out of bounds
  • RT @Amarenagrace: Almost time for our new office open house and a chance to win blazer tickets! @vitamintalent @DesignWeekPDX! http://t.co…
  • RT @UniWatch: Great story on how graphic designers create season tickets: http://t.co/SZoKtpKHMo http://t.co/Hcj89GUHUK
  • @Conky_S @PENTAGRAMRING I'd camp out to get one of those!

My Openings

  • Liz is one of our awesome agents for Portland who can't wait to help you.

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