hi, i'm Katy.

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As an agent with several years of staffing and recruiting experience and a passion for helping others, I know that when I'm successful, we all are. Along with that, I'm a total nerd with a love for all things creative! My goal is to connect and meet with the best creative talent in Metro Detroit and match them up with the most awesome jobs. Let's connect!

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  • Thank you for the RT today and helping me spread the word about an awesome opportunity in #Detroit! @JLopataCS @refreshdetroit @choolaura
  • It's Friday! And I'm looking for a Sr. #Content #Strategist for a full-time role in #Detroit. Live and breathe Content? Contact me! #job
  • RT @redcrew: @kittykindred @KatyVincent @MarkPeznowski: Great to chat with all of you yesterday at #uxthursday. Thank you for sponsoring!
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  • RT @AlainaRachelle: It's not about doing it right. Its about doing it good. @danklyn #uxthursday

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  • Katy is one of our awesome agents for Detroit who can't wait to help you.

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