Photo of Katie
Photo of Katie

Hi, I’m Katie.

Katie Silver Vitamin T Manager Seattle, WA

Long time Pacific Northwest resident and outdoor enthusiast, I am passionate about helping great companies find the creative talent they need, quickly. I've spent more than 10 years working in the creative industries and take great pride in providing my clients with exceptional service. I've hired dozens of people over the course of my career and totally understand the impact that the right, (or wrong), hire can have. I also know, and love, creative. With Vitamin T, I've successfully helped my clients find creative directors, art directors, designers, developers, copywriters and more on a contract and contract to hire basis. I'm excited to help you and your company find the talent you need! Let's connect!

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  • RT @jamielherrick: Seattle @vitamintalent is looking for a NEW addition to our #sales team // #1 requirement is you have to be a Hawks fan…
  • Senior Strategist - Vitamin T
  • RT @jamielherrick: Monday for the win #americancancersociety #washingtoninvitational @vitamintalent @KaitLiss @kmsportland…
  • @EZRentACar an hour wait for an airport shuttle. Two+ hours to get a car. Super easy #fail
  • 6 Ways to Charm the Heck out of Your Clients (and Still Get Your Way)

Katie is one of our awesome managers who can’t wait to help you.


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