Photo of Jamie
Photo of Jamie

Hi, I’m Jamie.

Jamie Harding Vitamin T Agent Seattle, WA

I have a background in recruitment working with Front End developers for the last 4 years within the creative and digital sectors my goal is to seek out with the best Front End development talent in London. Outside of work I go to the cinema as often as I can and due to my History degree you won't catch me without a book to read!

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  • Only 4 weeks left to enter the In-House Design Awards @Aquent @MYWWteam #InHouseRockstars
  • Parallax Image Scrolling Animation with CSS 3D and JavaScript via @dudleystorey
  • @SW_Trains cheers guys have a nice day
  • @SW_Trains hi will the 16.57 from TWI run to Egham? I have a flight to catch and you've just cancelled the 16.40? Is it likely to affect?
  • Launching Talent Pool - A free online system for managing freelancers. #Hiring made easy!

Jamie is one of our awesome agents who can’t wait to help you.


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