hi, i'm Gloriane.

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I love helping top creative talent navigate an ever-changing digital world and representing their skills to the best agencies, branding firms, digital shops, and startups in San Francisco and Silicon Valley! Whether you’re a iOS/Android Mobile Designers or Developers, Online Marketing Manager, Account Manager, SEO/SEM Manager, Web Analyst, or Copywriter, I want to hear from you!

When in Kansas, ride that tractor!

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  • Learn #jQuery for free! jQuery Building Blocks - a new course from Aquent Gymnasium.http://t.co/lEe4hwoMtj
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  • RT @F6x: Provocative question inspired by @mrseaves: Are you writing it down to remember, or writing it so you can forget? #typo14
  • Gemma O'Brien points out the "grand chalk theme of 2013" was a constructed authenticity #typo14
  • Listening to Dan Rhatigan explain the amazing level of refinement required for the creation of a typeface! #typo14
  • If how I spend today is how I spend the rest of my days, will I be happy? Food for thought #hmm @TYPOSF #typo14
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  • @nickmyer5 Just sent you an email with Wes's info--he'd be great for this Sr VizD UI/UX need!
  • RT @UberFacts: Why LEGO people have holes in their heads. http://t.co/m6PgjvzIzo
  • RT @DugiToi: “@lnternetPics: How to be happy. ❤️ http://t.co/P1A2yTASeV” right @icofyre
  • @joe_lenodo omg what is this photo of you and your dog sent to ricky gervais? i love "an idiot abroad", so unnecessarily mean but funny!
  • 5 Awesome Design and Development Resources (March 2014) #WebDev, #WebDesign http://t.co/GMTqT156sb
  • It's confirmed; I heard it from the front row: Gustavo honks at his orchestra. Under his breath, but audible nonetheless. Honking.
  • Front row seats for Yuja Wang playing the Rach 3, with Dudamel conducting the LA Phil. I have experienced heaven.
  • RT @VTDigitalMeetUp: Be a good digital neighbor. You dont need slick, you need human. #SFdigitalrendezvous
  • RT @VitaminAdriani: Digital Rendezvous kick-off at Kell's! @VTDigitalMeetUp http://t.co/pedl6ltHhI
  • RT @VTDigitalMeetUp: "Minutes turn into seconds when you're designing on the web" #SFdigitalrendezvous
  • Supply Chain/Production Coordinator (North Bay) https://t.co/hNzIi9c0cS

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  • Gloriane is one of our awesome agents for San Francisco Metro who can't wait to help you.

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