hi, i'm Danielle.

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I thrive on the opportunity to partner with clients and truly understand their business challenges. I help them hire the talent they need to be more effective and efficient without sacrificing quality. With over ten years of experience in staffing and my “listen and learn” attitude, I am good at finding creative ways to bring clients and talent together.

I also teach proper form in "Raising the Roof"!

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  • Thanks @ParishButler! Please DM your contact info and location & I'll connect you with an agent near you.
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  • RT @Brockhage: RSVP today! @vitamintalent is sponsoring the 9/17 @OrangeCountyAMA Digital Marketing event tonight. http://t.co/ydM1CWNoD3
  • Danielle is one of our awesome regional directors for Los Angeles Metro who can't wait to help you.

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