Photo of Courtney
Photo of Courtney

Hi, I’m Courtney.

Courtney (Davis) Burgwyn Vitamin T Manager Seattle, WA

I’m an avid coffee drinker whose accomplishments include performing on the Improv Olympic stage in Chicago and having the confidence to go skydiving (I recommend it!)

I have been with Aquent for approximately 9+ years and have held multiple roles within the company. Being an Agent is my favorite role as I can work with talent within the Interactive space and help them find jobs. My focus is finding jobs for talent within the Washington, DC/Virginia Metro area. My specialty is understanding a candidate's personality and matching him/her up with our clients. I have an advantage as I worked on the sale side prior to being an agent, so I have relationships already established with our clients and have a better idea of culture and fit. Prior to working at Aquent I was a print production specialist,graphic designer and digital project manager, so I understand the creative space first hand. In fact, Aquent helped place me at my second job years ago, so that is why I decided to join Aquent's team to help talent find jobs as they had helped me so many years ago. If you are an interactive talent that lives in the Washington DC area, it would be great to connect!! 

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Courtney is one of our awesome managers who can’t wait to help you.


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