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Are you a creative talent who is looking for a new adventure? I have a passion for all things creative and digital and a background in broadcasting and marketing. With Vitamin T in your corner you'll be sure to find an opportunity that you've been dreaming of, whether that’s as an art director, designer, or front end developer. Give me a call!

Summertime at Glacier National Park!

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  • @Britax our B.Safe car seat is not properly locking each time it's put in the base.
  • .@Britax any way to get additional support past 5:45p?
  • RT @GumboShowJoe: Another fantastic panel at #TSES about leveraging direct marketing practices for social http://t.co/6mgXHTyl67
  • @anslee_s Yes!
  • @miconmike Sending now! #Awesome
  • MT @Assanboy: "Too many people have treated social media as a publishing medium, and ignored the social aspect." @thewordpainter #TSES
  • Hey @miconmike, how can I get that round of golf? #golfnow
  • RT @AustenCtyLimits: "Too many people equate social with free, and it's just not." -@miconmike, Sr Dir Online Mktg, Golf Channel #realtalk …
  • Just as important to be timely in responding is to take note of what you did and what worked. @miconmike #TSES
  • RT @mocktheagency: As a brand, acknowledge and create a relationship with someone who publicly endorses you. #TSES http://t.co/AEpg7ZOKwo
  • RT @insightpool: What's the value of an industry influencer, brand ambassador and brand advocate? Diving in now at #TSES.
  • RT @ashleyhreed: Wow - @Arbys #GRAMMYs tweet was equivalent to $22MM in advertising #TSES @Jmart730
  • RT @kelseyagnew: Real-time freedom & flexibility were just as essential to success of @arbys @pharrell tweet during the #grammys as messagi…
  • RT @LaurenAshleyA: #TSES it's called social media not technical media- here here for people!! Great job @AdamNaide
  • Social media is all about creating content that your audience cares about. If they don’t care they won’t engage. @AdamNaide #TSES
  • The social sweet spot is where the mix of Brand and Culture meet. @AdamNaide #TSES
  • RT @AustenCtyLimits: "Bring ur quirkiness to ur job. It's what makes u qualified to work in social." - @AdamNaide, Cereal Enthusiast #TSES …
  • RT @ericadman: @BlakelyAgs we quit FB and focused on twitter / LinkedIn. Smart for B2B #TSES
  • RT @candacemcc: Lurkers are brand awareness. We need them - @BlakelyAgs #TSES
  • Love the idea of pulling weekly "Tweetimonials” to get a snapshot of positive or negative engagement. @ccurtis33 #TSES

My Openings

  • Colleen is one of our awesome agents for Atlanta who can't wait to help you.

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