hi, i'm Carolyn.

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Hello Seattle! It is a pleasure to work with you. I'm a pragmatic optimist that believes a little smarts, team work, and elbow grease can get almost anything done. I love to help creative people and teams to define their goals and find a way to see them to fruition. I have an extra sweet spot for anything UX and UI related so if that is your thing then we have things in common and should connect! If you can't find me here I'm likely finding some fresh air somewhere above 10'000 feet.

12000 feet up on Mt Adams!

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  • In case you are curious this basically makes you famous @kellydrodofsky - http://t.co/WLk3VcJP6F #vitamint
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  • @Daniel_J_Stern Let's connect on Monday! Can you email me? Cdesmarais@vitamintalent.com
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  • @Chaus23 @justinelsberry @regan206 @stevebanfield @beaujross @cy_scott I'm missing it this year @Chaus23 but my awesome colleagues will be!
  • I'm looking for a web designer who loves small businesses w/ an awesome story to tell! Remote role! http://t.co/p1v5SZLkSX #vitamint …
  • I'm looking for a freelance Interaction Designer for a 3 month contract! #vitamint http://t.co/pJDqutdOB3
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  • @juliarezrez thanks for reaching out! @KellyDrodofsky will be in touch soon!
  • The recruiter and optimist in me thought this was very fitting. #vitamint http://t.co/SqGe1HKE66
  • Seattle UX & VisD freelancers VT has a quick project 4 someone w/ Visio expertise. Great client, a Seattle coffee fav (not Sbux!). #visio
  • Radical advice for tech companies: Put the designer in charge http://t.co/qgSldfmtRa via @GeekWire
  • Seattle VisDesigners I'm hiring! Super fun gig at one of Seattle's fastest and beloved etail/retail companies! http://t.co/brDMPC5p4W

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  • Carolyn is one of our awesome agents for Seattle, WA who can't wait to help you.

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