hi, i'm Andrea.

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I've made it my career to recognize great talent and love working in the creative industry. I also LOVE making great connections happen. It’s my ambition to match the best web designer, front-end developer, Flash designer, art director, and producers with the right client every time. Are you a stellar digital creative? Let me find your next gig!

Chillin in the big D watching Kid Rock where the Tigers play!

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  • UX Thursday - Detroit June 26, 2014 http://t.co/mOoAJwvlbN
  • Check out "UX Thursday - Detroit June 26, 2014" http://t.co/LY7K4Oylbp via @eventbrite
  • RT @lizzyrgraham: #UXThursday is back on and being held at the #gorgeous #gemtheatre @vitamintalent http://t.co/gqK9gygxqd
  • Why You Need To Put A Candy Dish On Your Desk Today | LinkedIn http://t.co/GlGfeb1AlA
  • Google Glass available to American public on Tuesday http://t.co/DnfcdpxLXw via @usatoday
  • @DeltaAssist your app won't let me book without my companion's frequent flyer #.
  • Come on Sparty. You can do it!!!
  • RT @vitamintalent: UX Job Descriptions Made Easy(er) http://t.co/zxcs8ppghe #userexperience
  • Go Sparty!!
  • Why Advertisers Need to Finally Wake Up to Mobile #mobile http://t.co/3QbQ8FVHje
  • How to Get Started in the UX Field #UX http://t.co/uq9WuPHd63
  • How to Become a Front End Developer (Pt. 3) #WebDev http://t.co/sXGbQA3nje
  • How to Become a Front End Developer (Pt. 3) #WebDev http://t.co/JRDFp3RrlC #VitaminT
  • Looking for great designers in Battlecreek area, any suggestions?
  • We're thrilled to receive the 2014 Best of Staffing Talent Award! We have the BEST talent ever! http://t.co/S7upg1gDCT #bestofstaffing
  • I'm going, are you? http://t.co/3lo8S97i4x
  • Next Tuesday Everybody! http://t.co/3lo8S97i4x
  • Detroit User Experience http://t.co/9erNVFBaoi
  • You should join me at this Meetup. Check it out and RSVP! http://t.co/ESHlO4R44X
  • Agile UX vs Lean UX – How they’re different and why it matters for UX designers http://t.co/1mnYIjvT8l via @andersramsay
  • Andrea is one of our awesome biz dev folks for Detroit who can't wait to help you.

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