Photo of Andi
Photo of Andi

Hi, I’m Andi.

Andi Mancuso Vitamin T Agent Seattle, WA

I'm a Renaissance creative and marketer--I've done a little bit of everything. Web design, production art, email marketing (and coding by hand, oi), HTML, CSS, analytics, copywriting, copyediting... And now I'm working to help awesome creatives find awesome jobs with equally awesome companies. I can talk shop with our talents and talk business with our clients, and as far as I'm concerned, I've got the best of both worlds. Reach out if you want a stellar job that truly fits you, from skillset to culture, and I'll get it done.

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  • The Work That Made Me: Suzana Apelbaum, Creative Director at Google via @vitamintalent Love these insights.
  • Just in case you're still confused on what on earth a UX designer actually /does/ ... via @vitamintalent #ux :)
  • Current design trend (by which I mean, my clients want this): modern aesthetic, flat design, excellent use of typography, non-garish colors.
  • Creatives... designers... guys. Guys. Don't use Wix as your portfolio site. It has a crappy end look. Use Wordpress or Behance, please. :)
  • Reason #284,985 why you pay for quality, not speed. #creativeindustries

Andi is one of our awesome agents who can’t wait to help you.


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